The Committee on Adolescence

The Committee on Adolescence

The Committee on Adolescence addresses issues that affect teens and young adults and those who care for them. Recent efforts have focused on obesity, medical care and services for teens in DYS, access to pediatric medical and mental health consultations for the judges in the juvenile courts, psychopharmacology and mental health access for adolescents, “free care”, new vaccination recommendations, increasing advocacy for teens within the Chapter, and participating in the Pediatric Council to represent the needs of adolescents and young adults. Liaison with other organizations that advocate for adolescents such as the Massachusetts state adolescent health coordinator and the New England Regional Chapter of the Society for Adolescent Medicine occurs regularly. Recent activities:

  • In 2011, Dr. Jeffrey Prince lead a discussion about “mindfulness”.
  • The COA is wrestling with confidentiality issues as usual and all members of the committee feel that it is essential that part of the adolescent visit remain confidential in order to obtain an age-appropriate history. This affects patient portals which would be problematic
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    between ages 12 and 18 because of parental involvement in the portals.

  • Another issue is the increased deductibles that parents have with their insurance carriers. This becomes concerning when a patient is tested for an STD because the insurance doesn’t cover the cost and the laboratory sends the bill to the home. This situation has not been resolved locally or nationally as of yet.
  • Under the Meaningful Use guidelines, confidentially is an issue when the adolescent is given a handout with sensitive topics.
  • The Committee has recently recruited two new members.

    Chair – Dr. Carl Rosenbloom,