Anti-tobacco Advocacy Initiative

Anti-tobacco Advocacy Initiative


2014 Strict Smoke-free Home Policies Among Smoking Parents in Pediatric Settings

2013-07 – Implementation of a Parental Tobacco Control Intervention in Pediatric Practice

Anti-tobacco Advocacy Initiative – Tobacco-related accomplishments
We continue to represent the Chapter on the Tobacco Free Mass Coalition (, a group of advocates who are working toward eliminating tobacco use and, in the meantime, minimizing its harmful effects.  The coalition is currently working to:

  • Fight proposed cuts to DPH’s tobacco prevention and cessation programs
  • Promote tax increases for cigarettes as well as “other tobacco products” like chewing tobacco and individually packaged cigars.  Prior tax increases have excluded these products making them more attractive to price-sensitive adolescents and children.
  • Support legislation banning the sale of any tobacco products where health professionals are employed (including all stores with a pharmacy)
  • Fighting against threats to policies that require minimum pricing of tobacco
  • Dr. Megan Sandel, represents the Chapter by continuing to work with the Boston Public Health Commission on a Smoke Free Housing Policy campaign to increase smoke free building options.
  • The Chapter remains of a partner of a DPH program called “Quitworks”.  The goals of the program are the following:
  1. Create awareness of the issue of child exposure to second-hand smoke
  2. Encourage child and family practitioners to focus on family tobacco use
  3. Provide a “go-to” resource to help practitioners to help families to quit smoking adaptation of the QuitWorks free fax-referral program as a solution for all child and family practice settings in Massachusetts.

Through this partnership, the Chapter will participate in a variety of promotional events with the DPH and other organizations.

If you have an interest in preventing tobacco addiction and exposure to secondhand smoke, please contact us at or There are plenty of ways you can contribute to this effort and we welcome your help.

Co-chairs Dr. Megan Sandel and Dr. Mona Sharifi