CATCH Planning Funds Program

CATCH Planning Funds Program

The CATCH Call for Proposals—2017 Cycle 1 is open at

Grant applications are due on July 29, 2016 and the awards will be announced in early fall.

Never wrote a grant application before or worried about how to find more partners for your program?  No problem! You will have plenty of national and local support.  Kathy Kochvara ( , the National AAP CATCH grant manager, will help you find past grants and grantees who have tackled the issue you want to address. Cathleen Haggerty (]), the MCAAP administrative director, can point you to our state sections members who share an interest in your topic.  Finally, Anne Nugent and Giusy Romano-Clarke, your chapter CATCH Facilitators, will be happy to talk to you about your ideas, to suggest additional networking opportunities and to review your application drafts. You can reach us at‎ and

What are you waiting for?  Expand your reach. Use the creative side of your brain to put your ideas to work!  Be a CATCH pediatrician. You know the issues impacting families in your community—and have the power to bring people together to actually change things.  If not you, then who?

CATCH Planning Funds Program
The Community Access To Child Health (CATCH) program provides grants in amounts from $2,500 to $12,000 for pediatricians to develop innovative, community-based initiatives that increase children’s access to medical homes or to specific health services not otherwise available. Resident CATCH grants also are available but are limited to a maximum of $3,000. CATCH grant funds can be used for planning or for implementation projects and are awarded in the Fall and Spring each year. Residents are strongly encouraged to apply for a grant and to seek the support of the chapter facilitators to discuss their ideas.

Recently funded CATCH Grants:

  • Emily Allen, MD, FAAP – Gun Violence: Unique Child Health Needs
  • Vincent Biggs, MD, FAAP – Let’s Move Holyoke – 2013
  • Giusy Romano-Clark, MD, FAAP – Chelsea Bridge to Better Health – 2013
  • Resident Grant – Megan Schultz, MD, MA Connecting Deaf Adolescents with Medical Homes – 2013
  • Resident Grant – Eli Sprecher, MD Interactive Asthma Education Initiative – 2012
  • Implementation Grant – Jacqueline Jones, MD, FAAP Kids Kitchen Afterschool Program – 2012
  • Implementation Grant – Herbert (Bill) Copeland, MD, FAAP, The Family/Child Liaison Project – 2012
  • Planning Grant – Michelle Dalal, MD, FAAP, Tot-Time Age One Oral Health Initiative – 2012
  • Planning Grant – Siobhan McNally, MD, MPH, FAAP – Teen and Young Adult Medical Home – 2011
  • Planning Grant – Nandini Sengupta, MD, MPH, Creating Medical Homes for Homeless Kids – 2011

The Healthy Tomorrows for Children Grant is a great opportunity available to pediatricians to extend funding beyond those of a CATCH grant. The program is a collaboration between the HRSA and the American Academy of Pediatrics and provides 5 year funding to improve maternal and child health through community-based initiatives focused on prevention and access to health services. The projects focus on various topics including obesity, school-based health, medical-legal partnerships, telehealth, care coordination, and infant mortality. Residents are encouraged to apply for more resident grants.

Dr. Anne Nugent and Dr. Guisy Romano-Clarke – Massachusetts Chapter AAP CATCH Facilitators and