David Sigelman International Grant

David Sigelman International Grant

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Description of the MCAAP David Sigelman International and Developing Nations Health Studies Grant Program

Planning an elective abroad?

The Massachusetts Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (MCAAP) is pleased to accept applications for its International and Developing Nations Health Studies Grant Program.  Resident and student members of the MCAAP/AAP are eligible to apply for grants in the amount of $500 for study in developing nations.  The primary purpose of the program is to encourage supervised experiences focusing on the conditions and needs of underserved populations of children in developing nations.

Who can apply?

All pediatric resident and student members of the MCAAP/AAP who have arranged a bona fide project in developing nations are eligible to apply.  The elective must be for a least one month. Grants are not extended for projects or electives that have already been completed or to past recipients.

How do I apply?

Applicants must submit a letter (300-word maximum) describing their proposed project or elective, the intended use of grant funds, and their career plans.  Contact information including an e-mail address is required.  Supervising pediatric faculty at the applicant’s pediatric residency training program or medical school must submit an additional letter attesting that 1) the applicant is in good standing and 2) that the project or elective is already approved and supervision is ensured.  Applicants may submit their letter by mail or e-mail but faculty forms must be submitted by mail on institutional letterhead to:

International and Developing Nations Health Studies Grant Program
P.O. Box 9132
Waltham, MA  02454

When are applications due?

Applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and are due sixty days prior to the start of the project to allow adequate time to review the application.  Notification will be sent to all applicants within 30 days

How are recipients chosen?

All completed applications are considered based on the description of the intended project or elective and the applicant’s career plans.   Recipients will then be selected and grant monies will be awarded at the completion of the project or elective and upon submission of a 1-3 page summary of the experience and presentation to the MCAAP Executive Committee.

Good luck!
MCAAP Executive Committee Vote – 1/13/04

The Massachusetts Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (MCAAP) has established a scholarship fund which will fund six $500 scholarships for pediatric residents and medical students who are members of the AAP/MCAAP.   Qualified activities (generally one or two months duration) may include electives or research in international health or tropical medicine, work with immigrant or underserved populations, or certain public health issues.   The funding shall be used for travel and/or housing expenses.  The AAP/MCAAP agrees to disburse the monies upon completion of the project and after the scholarship recipient submits a reports on the project activities and the report has been presented to the AAP/ MCAAP Executive Committee.   This report will be also shared with AAP/MCAAP membership via its publication, the Forum.

  1. The Executive Committee of the MCAAP will establish an application and selection process.  Details of the project or elective will be included in the application and the Executive Committee will verify that the scholarship activities are already approved and supervised by  the pediatric residency program or medical school.
  2. A mechanism will be established to disburse such scholarship grants in the amount of $500.
  3. By providing this scholarship, the MCAAP in no way assumes any responsibility for the pediatric house officer or medical student.  The activities must be fully approved in advance by the pediatric residency program or medical school and conform to all standard requirements for appropriate supervision, evaluation, and insurance.
  4. The Executive Committee will require that the recipient submit a brief report (in-person and in-writing) within a month of completion of the elective or project.  The scholarship funds will be disbursed at this time.

Background: Increasingly, pediatric residents and medical students in Massachusetts are enhancing their clinical or research educational experiences by completing one of their electives at a teaching institution in a developing country.  Even though the living expenses in these countries are usually affordable, travel expenses are sometimes prohibitive. Such experiences provide unique opportunities to work with populations truly in need of service. Participants learn about diseases, infection, and medical conditions which are becoming more important here in the United States.  They frequently find these rotations life-altering and the experience often solidifies a commitment to working with underserved populations both here and abroad.

By helping with the educational needs of pediatric residents and medical students, this scholarship supports the educational mission of the MCAAP/AAP.  It is anticipated that creation of this scholarship will reflect very positively on the MCAAP/AAP and encourage pediatric residents and medical students to participate more fully in the MCAAP/AAP now and in the future.