The Membership Committee

The Membership Committee – The Chapter now has 1,800 members.   This number includes all dues-paying, board certified, board eligible pediatricians and pediatric residents whose dues are covered by their respective training programs and medical students whose dues are covered by AAP/MCAAP.

The committee meets primarily by phone conferences throughout the year.

Areas of focus include:

  1. Increasing membership by way of retaining young members
    (i.e. residents and fellows completing training and staying in Massachusetts) and encourage members to become mentors.
  2. Utilizing the national AAP membership rosters by districts and being able to determine the category of members – i.e. Fellow, Fellow emeritus, Candidate Fellow, Resident, or Student members; this allows targeted efforts for recruitment.
  3. Reaching out – usually by email blasts to potential members-pediatricians and subspecialists to inform them of the benefits of membership in the MCAAP.
  4. Maintaining the membership information on the MCAAP website.
  5. Continuing to encourage the Chapter to develop CME, especially risk management CMEs in areas such as end of life, terminal or hospice care and most recently opioid management concerns as well as child abuse that would be available to members at a reduced cost, even linked to joining the Chapter, or as a component of yearly dues as a means of recruitment and retention.

Past year major activities:

  1. Supported the pediatric fellows, residents and students by way of “Chapter Champions” at each residency program and medical school in the state and assisted in the yearly social event for fellows, residents, and students.
  2. Responded to a request from AAP fellow pediatricians from outside the US, ie Bermuda specifically, to be able to become members of the MCAAP.  The Board has developed a changed “Special Members” category that required by law revisions be presented at last year’s annual meeting in order to facilitate the Chapter adding non residents and non Massachusetts based practicing physicians to apply for this special members category.
  3. Proposed that the MCAAP follow the lead of National AAP in expanding membership to NP’s and PA’s working in pediatric settings on their teams to become affiliate members. i.e. enlist NP’s and PA’s working in teams in pediatric settings to expand the Chapter, hopefully encouraging more pediatricians to join, return and/or remain MCAAP members.
  4. Likewise proposed by law changes to Affiliate member category at the years annual meeting to accommodate other potential members – parents, nurses, and allied health practitioners.
  5. Restructured membership category dues to be in line with national standards for similar size chapters.

Future plans:

  1. Encourage the Chapter to develop and offer low cost pediatric specific risk CME courses and link them to annual membership recruitment and retention efforts.
  2. Encourage the MCAAP board to follow national AAP’s initiative to offer 20% discount to AAP and State MCAAP members.
  3. Work with National AAP within Massachusetts to initiate “Institutional” members.

At the MCAAP Annual Meeting on May 11, 2016, bylaw changes around affiliate membership and dues structure were voted upon and approved.  Contact Cathleen Haggerty at  to access these bylaw changes.

Anyone interested in being a member of the Membership Committee should contact Chair, Dr. Walter Rok, Chair –