MCAAP Committee on Oral Health

MCAAP Committee on Oral Health


MCAAP Oral Health Newsletter – February 26, 2015

The MCAAP Oral Health Committee:  This year (2015-2016), we continued to build connections between medical providers and dental providers and families. Many pediatricians were connected with local dental providers who provided age one oral health care.

Key accomplishments included:

  1. Continued dissemination of oral health information/education to pediatricians and updates through the Forum, MDS e-news alerts and Mass Health Newsletters and local meetings, most recently CHNA-6 group in Milford
  2. Increased medical/dental collaboration through engagement of medical residents in pediatric dental practices as part of their pediatric rotation (Half day curriculum was development and will be piloted through U Mass Memorial Pediatric Residency Program and now being continued through Baystate
  3. Collaboration with partners including Massachusetts Dental Society, Holyoke Health Center/ Baystate Health Center, Massachusetts Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Better Oral Health Coalition of Massachusetts, Oral Health Advocacy Task Force to develop new statewide projects

Ongoing efforts for 2016-2017 will include:

  1. Finalization of materials of Connect the Dots Toolkit materials which includes:

1)     Provider Guide to Oral Health Messages

2)     Letter to provide introduction from Dentists to Medical Providers

3)     Referral Form

4)     Fluoridation Map with Age One Visit recommendations

  1. Ongoing commitment to engage more providers in fluoride varnish and refer all children by age one to dental providers
  1. Continued oral health education through various media (including webinars, local and regional meetings, updating the website) to pediatricians
  1. Developing community partnerships between pediatric medical residents and dental residents to help medical residents learn more about oral health
  1. Continued advocacy of fluoride use including community water fluoridation
  1. Development and Dissemination of Mouthguard education to schools, Pediatricians and Athletic coaches in partnership with the Massachusetts Medical Society and Massachusetts Dental Society

Resources for Pediatricians in Office:

Doctor’s Guide to Oral Health Communication

Oral Health Risk Assessment

Education and Training for medical students, residents, and pediatricians – PACT curriculum/Smiles for Life – includes free CME!

Membership in the committee is open to all members of the Academy who have an active interest in pediatric oral health. If you would like to join, please contact Cathleen Haggerty or Michelle Dalal at or