PROS – Pediatric Research in Office Settings


PROS – Pediatric Research in Office Settings

First PROS study to be eligible to earn Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit!!!
Do you want to help teens quit smoking and receive MOC Part IV credit? Adolescent Health in Pediatric Practice (AHIPP) is the study for you! Practices are randomized either to a smoking cessation or social media anticipatory guidance arm. Six practices in our chapter are participating (see below), and more interested practitioners are urgently needed! Practices with high numbers of adolescents and higher local smoking rates could be perfect for the study. (Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, Worcester, Essex, Suffolk, Bristol, Plymouth, and Nantucket counties have higher smoking prevalence.)

Thanks to PROS practitioners at RiverBend Medical Group-Springfield, Westfield Pediatrics, Tri-River Family Health Center, Baystate Pediatric Group, and Pediatric Care Associates for participating in AHIPP!

The Teen Driving Study is a terrific, EASY TO DO translational study of a proven, web-based program to help parents make teen drivers safer with a parent-teen driving agreement. Ten Massachusetts practitioners are participating in the study. Data collection will end in August. If you’ve already completed data collection, congratulations and thanks! If you’re still doing the study, thanks and keep going!

ePROS is the new PROS subnetwork of practices using electronic health records for data collection. Currently 27 practices are enrolled in 20 states, and ePROS is actively seeking new practices. So far, data on gender, race, ethnicity, and BMI in 95,000 patients have been extracted from EHRs, and practice-specific and network-wide results have been rapidly fed back to participating practices.An ePROS study of psychotropic medications showed that nearly 10% of children were receiving a psychotropic medication. An abstract will be presented at the upcoming Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting.

PROS is comprised of 1795 practitioners (55% women) from 750 practices in every state in the nation, DC, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Massachusetts is one of the largest PROS chapters, with 44 practices and over 150 practitioners. With lots of exciting studies enrolling now and more being developed, PROS needs to grow! Tell your friends and colleagues in other practices about PROS.


CEASE (Clinical Effort Against Secondhand Smoke Exposure), a randomized controlled trial of a brief office-based intervention to help smoking parents quit (Principal Investigator MGH/Waltham-based pediatrician Jonathan Winickoff). Several abstracts will be presented at the upcoming Pediatric Academic Societies meeting, and numerous publications are on their way.

DART (Dialogue Around Respiratory Illness Treatment), a quality improvement intervention for antibiotic prescribing. Grant to be submitted in June. We hope that participants will be able to receive MOC Part IV credit!

Social media—lots of kids are using Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. An intervention trial is being developed to use social media as a novel means of conveying health promotion messages to teenagers. Massachusetts PROS practitioner and PROS Steering Committee member Jacques Benun and former Massachusetts PROS practitioner Chris Stille are spearheading development of the study, which was originally proposed by PROS practitioners.

*Brief Motivational Interviewing to Reduce BMI (BMI2), a randomized controlled trial of motivational interviewing and dietitian visits to reduce BMI in overweight children. Over 700 parent/child pairs are being followed for 2 years—all the follow up visits will be completed by this June, and the study team will analyze the main outcomes data this summer.

A follow-up study (BMI3) will attempt to increase the “dose” of dietitian counseling by using a centralized telephone service of study dietitians. Such telephonic disease management counseling has been studied in the treatment of hypertension, diabetes, and other chronic conditions, and has been very promising. Grant to be resubmitted soon.

*OASIS (Objective Assessment of Signs to Improve Safety)–Based on data from a previous PROS study (CARES: Child Abuse Reporting Experience Study), OASIS is a study of evidence-based education and decision-support tools to improve the recognition and reporting of physical abuse in children under 3. Principal investigator is Bob Sege at BMC. Grant received an encouraging initial score from NIH and will be resubmitted soon.

*CHOMP (Children’s Oral Health: Motivation for Prevention), a randomized controlled trial to improve pediatric practitioners’ anticipatory guidance on oral health. Principal investigator is Paul Geltman of Boston University and Cambridge Hospital. Grant to be resubmitted in June.

*A collaboration between PROS and CORNET, the residents’ continuity clinic research network, is in the early stages of development. Study topics being considered are mental health referrals, use of electronic medical records, screening for family stressors, physician/trainee well-being.

Since our last newsletter, articles have been published from the Secondary Sexual Characteristics in Boys (SSCIB) study and the Life Around Newborn Discharge (LAND) study.

Interested in manuscript preparation? All PROS members are welcome to get involved in writing up study findings.

Comments, questions, suggestions? Call or email us: Dr. Ben Scheindlin 781-272-2210 mail to: (  or David 413-536-2393: Dr. David Norton ( if you are interested in participating in any of the above studies. Do you want to get your PROS newsletters by email, just contact David or Ben.