The Committee on School Health

The Committee on School Health

The Committee on School Health has two primary functions. The first function is to be a resource for the 351 public school physicians in Massachusetts, 54% of whom are not pediatricians.  The Committee provides networking activities, didactic presentations, and legislative lobbying on areas of school health interest.  The second function is to provide a forum for any pediatrician who has an interest in school health issues, whether they are school physicians or not. Massachusetts has been selected to be a state to pilot a joint initiative between the AAP national and the CDC to develop standardization of school health services. Several Massachusetts school districts will be chosen to a strengthen the collaborations between local community pediatricians, the local health department and the school nurses in the district.

Chairs – Drs. Lisa Dobberteen and Karen Sadler


August 25, 2014

Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (PPE)

FROM THE AAP – Division Assistant Division of Safety and Health Promotion – Department of Child Health and Wellness American Academy of Pediatrics

There are over 7.6 million high school athletes in the United States, and at some point each one of them is going to need a preparticipation physical evaluation (PPE). However, recent data show that many pediatricians are not comfortable with the PPE process and not aware of AAP resources in performing these evaluations. The attached document informs providers of several important tools  that may be helpful, including links to the currently recommended  PPE forms on the AAP’s website, as well as further information on the PPE Preparticipation Physical Evaluation monograph.  The monograph provides comprehensive information for pediatricians who perform these examinations, and reflects current best practice for these important assessments. Please feel free to share the attached document with your chapter membership if you feel appropriate. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Anjie Emanuel, Manager, Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness at or Michele LaBotz, MD, Executive Committee Member, Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness at