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 Forum Editor Position

If you are an MCAAP member and interested in becoming the editor of the Forum, please contact Cathleen Haggerty at for more details.

The Forum

The MCAAP Forum continues to provide timely and practical information on various topics of interest to the membership four times per year. As the Chapter continues to advocate on behalf of our patients and members, the Forum has been covering those important efforts. Recurring columns from the Reachout and Read Program, the Watch Your Mouth Campaign, and the Immunization Initiative continue to be a welcome part of each issue. Over the last year we have also added recurring columns from, Legal Counsel, and the Medical Student committee. In addition to the print version of the newsletter, which is mailed to all members, an online edition is available at no charge to the public.

Submissions for the quarterly newsletter continue to fill a 12-16 page publication each issue. We continue to encourage medical students and residents to contribute articles and have been successful at obtaining high quality content written by those in training across the state.

The newsletter could not be produced without the excellent coordination of services from the New England Journal of Medicine. Advertisers continue to find the Forum a useful means of disseminating their message to pediatricians across Massachusetts, and as a result have produced a small amount of revenue for the Chapter.

Editor, Anne Light, M.D. (